Got it it fixed!

2010-04-24 14:53:40 by Sweetaga

My pilot cartoon is up! have a look!

Flash has crashed

2010-03-11 07:35:48 by Sweetaga

My flash isnt agreeing with me, so my latest cartoon will not be available for a while. Sorry guys. I'll let you know when its up and running again.

Sweet Fighter!

2009-06-08 13:41:47 by Sweetaga

Just practicing some battle stances

Sweet Fighter!

Just Practicing

2009-06-08 13:36:25 by Sweetaga

<img src=
j150/Chrono_Has_Wings/Fighter.gif?t=12 44475855>

New project!

2009-05-13 00:25:08 by Sweetaga

Im Currently working on a music video for the Song "Bedbugs" by the Squirrel Nut Zippers. It should be done relatively soon if flash decides to stop being gay on my computer. peace all!

New to Newgrounds?

2009-05-06 13:48:32 by Sweetaga

Nah not really. Ive been coming to this site for years, but I havent really made an account until i got into flash. Well thanks for the warm welcome, and ill do my best to keep you guys entertained.